Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

  • Tests are carried out by technical staff trained in renown laboratories.
  • The department is run by an experienced specialist radiologist - Anna Osierda, MD
  • Tests are performed using one of the most modern, high-end scanner - O-scan made by ESAOTE
  • Dedicated software allows for testing the joints in the knee, ankle, elbow and wrist
  • The advantage of the new device, which patients will appreciate, is its open design, more pleasant to the patient. It is a perfect solution for people suffering from claustrophobia. In contrast to
  • closed MRI scanners, the patient is not placed inside a tube for the duration of the test.
  • Due to the low intensity of the magnetic field and a minimum noise level, MRI O-Scan is ideal for carrying out medical diagnosis on children. During the test, the presence of parents is possible, thus minimising the discomfort of young patients.
The following doctors consult patients
Anna Osierda
radiologist technician