Ophthalmic Ward

The following doctors consult patients
Prof. PhD
Stanisława Gierek- Ciaciura
Eye Care Specialist, Refractive Surgery Expert
Iwona Rokita-Wala
Eye Care Specialist
Grażyna Błażejewska-Meller
Eye Care Specialist
Grażyna Tyszkiewicz
Eye Care Specialist
Robert Domański
Eye Care Specialist
Monika Majchrowicz
Eye Care Specialist, Eye Care Clinic Manager
Aleksandra Pierzchała
Eye Care Specialist
Krzysztof Wilczyński
Eye Care Specialist
Michał Milka
Eye Care Specialist
Phone appointment application to the Eye Care Clinic: 0048 33 814 14 44

The patients are offered to consult the consulting wards and/or the diagnostics lab.

Eye disorder diagnostics cover:

  • eye lid/conjunctiva/cornea/iris/lens/vitreous body/retina/eye nerve condition assessment

We provide qualification examinations for the following procedures:

  • cataract removal
  • retina surgery (vitrectomy)
  • refractive surgery (laser vision correction)
  • lid/conjunctiva surgery (chalazion, nodule, nevus, others)


Eye Disorder Conservative Treatment:

  • glaucoma
  • inflammatory condition
  • non-surgical strabismus treatment
  • infantile dim eyesightedness
  • post-surgery consultancy
  • glasses fitting

Scope of examinations within a visit:

  • computer-aided eye sight examination, including glasses fitting
  • intraocular pressure measurement
  • eyeball front section examination
  • fundus oculi examination


Other Services:

  • computer examination of the field of vision
  • retina/sight nerve optical coherent tomography
  • eyeball USG examination
  • digital photography of the fundus oculi
  • fluorescein angiography


Our every patient is offered a discount on glasses bought at the InterOptyk www.interoptyk.com.pl sales saloon network and/or to purchase a guarantee on glasses for children.