Cardiology Ward

Diagnostics & treatment of heart illness.

The following doctors consult patients
Prof. PhD
Stanisław Woś
cardiology specialist
Lucyna Dziadzio-Bolek
cardiology specialist
Katarzyna Sierek
internal specialist

Available tests:

  • Rest EKG
  • Exertion EKG
  • Holter EKG
  • Heart ECHO
  • Doppler USG


Cardiology Equipment:
Holter EKG 24h: The digital register recording prolonged EKG CardioMem CM3000 tests

  • 2, 3 & 12 channel analysis
  • recording, up to 10 days
  • data protection, even when batteries are removed
  • available editing of QRS classes
  • automatic scanning of events, according to criteria set up by the User
  • HRT, HRV, PR, QT, ST, TWA tests
  • detection of a sleep apnoea
  • analysis of various potentialities
  • safe data internet transfer and web communication
  • rhythm stimulator analysis
  • attrial fibrillation analysis
  • multi-method data transfer, including Bluetooth method

The equipment has been granted with the CE sign; the Company is proud of its ISO Quality Certificate.
EKG exertion test: GE Healthcare T-2100 CASE GE Healthcare P2 Series running track.
The test is performed under supervision of a doctor and nurse.
An after-test rest for patients is available at a special room with sanitary facilities, next to the ward room.

Test Equipment Specification:

  • the modern and safe exertion
  • angle of inclination: 0÷25%
  • two stop modes
  • start from 0 km/h
  • speed range: 0÷21.7 km/h
  • stepless change of running belt speed
  • max. weight capacity: 200kg plus