Laser vision correction

The Pod Bukami Hospital, as the only clinic in the Podbeskidzie area, offers the possibility of laser correction of vision defects.

The treatment may be used for patients with

  •     In case of nearsightedness - up to the –10.0 dioptre
  •     In case of farsightedness - up to the +6.0 dioptre
  •     In case of astigmatism - up to the +/-6.0 dioptre

Each patient before surgery is invited for an individual consultation, during which after an eye exam the physician will determine whether treatment will bring the desired result and whether it can be safely performed.

There are several methods for laser vision correction: PRK, LASEK, EPI LASIK, SBK, EBK. The choice of the method is determined by the physician for each patient based on the type and size of vision defects, the size of higher-order aberrations, age, corneal thickness, width of the pupil and on the basis of patient's personal expectations and needs. Technical progress in the field of laser vision correction combined with years of experience gives us the chance to safely correct almost all vision defects.