One-Day Urologic Surgery Department

The urology unit conducts endoscopic procedures, both diagnosis and surgery, as well as standard urological operations.

Thanks to the use of a laparoscope, we perform minimally invasive procedures in the treatment of infertility. Male infertility diagnosis also includes testicular biopsy. Frequently performed endoscopic procedures include cystoscopy with bladder biopsy and incisions of urethral stricture.

The following doctors consult patients
Krzysztof Pliszek
urology specialist
Ryszard Jarzmus
urology specialist

Types of treatments:

With local anaesthesia:

  •     Cystoscopy
  •     Phimosis
  •     Tongue-tie

With general anaesthesia:

  •     Varicocele
  •     Biopsy
  •     Testicular hydrocele
  •     Orchitis